Quran translations in Malayalam

The history of Quran translations in Malayalam

  1. The first translation of holy Quran in Malayalam was published in the last decade of 19th century. A scholar named Muhiyudheen-ibnu Abdul Khader (Mayin Kutty Elaya) of the Arakkal Palace, Kannur began the works of a Malayalam translation of Quran in 1855 (Hijara 1272) which was named ‘Tharjamathu-thafseeril Quran’.It took 15 years for him to complete the work and it was published in hijara 1294. It was in Arabi- Malayalam script and had 6 volumes and was based on Thafseer Jalalaini.
  2. In 1918, a Malayalam translation of Quran’s first juzu’ by Vakkam Abdul Khadir Moulavi was being published in Deepika.
  3. In 1930, a Quran translation project was initiated by KM Moulavi, Seethi Sahib and Uppi Sahib and the first juzu’ was published in the leadership of Islamic Research Society.
  4. The Malayalam translation of holy Quran by CN Ahmed Moulavi was published in 1963 with the financial aid of central government. It was republished by National Bookstall.
  5. In 1954, a portion of the Malayalam translation of Quran by Moulavi P. Muhammed Edasseri was published by an Islamic literature publisher based in Banglore.
  6. In 1955 Veliyankodu Umer Moulavi translated the holy Quran into Arabi Malayalam which was named Tharjumanul Quran. It was published in Malayalam in the year 1970.
  7. M Koyakkutty Moulavi, Muttanisseri’s translation of Quran came out in the year 1960 with a long and grand introduction by A M Uthman Sahib.
  8. One of the most authentic Malayalam translations of Quran is known as ‘Translation of Amani Moulavi’. Its works started in 7th September 1960 in the leadership of KM moulavi and finished in 27th September 1977. Scholars worked for the project were P K Moosa Moulavi(1886- 1990), A Alavi Moulavi(1911- 1976) and Muhammed Amani Moulavi(1909- 1987). From the first chapter to 17th chapter Amani Moulavi himself worked on the translation and he was helped by Moosa Moulavi for the translation of chapters 18 to 27 and by Alavi Moulavi for chapters 18 to 114. With its acute carefulness this work is considered to be the most authentic Malayalam Quran translation and is republished in four volumes by the publishing division of Kerala Najvathul Mujahideen. What is more special about this work is that along with the Arabic root, it has the word meaning and sentence meaning enabling everyone who knows Arabic to learn Quran without other’s help. The introduction to this Malayalam Quran translation is an authentic preface to Quran study.
  9. In 1972 the first volume of the Malayalam translation of ‘Thafheemul Qran’, the Urudu Quran translation by Sayyid Abul A’ala Moududi was published by Islamic publishing house. The last volume got published in the year 1998.
  10. In 1970 K V Muhammed Musliyar published a Malayalam Quran translation named ‘Fathahu-rahman Fee Thafseeril Quran’.
  11. In 1974 Maattool T K Abdulla Moulavi produced an independent translation of Jalalaini by the name ‘Thafseerul Quran’.
  12. In 1991 Abdul Hameed Madani, Cheriyamundam, the editor of Shabab Weekly and Kunji Muhammed Parappur brought out a Malayalam Quran translation in a single volume which is named ‘Vishudha Quran Sampoornna Malayala Paribhasha.’ It was proofread by K P Muhammed Moulavi and this book is being officially published by the King Fahad Quran Printing Complex, Saudi Arabia for free distribution.
  13. In 1988, IPH published a synopsis of Thafheemul Quran in a single volume by the name ‘Quran Bhashyam’.
  14. In 1994 the first part of the book ‘Vishudha Quran Vyakhyanam’ written by M P Musthafal Faisy was published by Dubai Islamic Centre.
  15. The Malayalam translation of ‘Fee Lilalil Quran’ by Sayyid Quthub was produced by Manas Foundation by the name ‘Qurante Thanalil’. V S Salim and Kunji Muhammed Pulavathu were the translators.
  16. Another Malayalam translation of Quran without the Arabic root was brought out by Manas Foundation which is named ‘Quran Malayala Saram’. V S Salim and Kunji Muhammed Pulavathu are the authors.
  17.  K V M Panthavoor produced a translation by the name ‘Qurante Ulsara Vyakhyanam’ which is a Sufi translation work. It is the translation of the book ‘Thafseerul Quran’ by Sheikh Muhyudheen-ibnuArabi.
  18. D C Books published a Malayalam Translation named ‘Al Quran’ translated by Hafis P H Abdul Gaffar Moulavi Al Kousari.
  19. Without the Arabic text, a Malayalam Quran translation was published by D C Books by the name ‘Al Quran’ whose language is better and beautiful. It was translated by K Abdu Rahman, P A Kareem and K K Rahoof in the supervision of C N Ahmed Moulavi.
  20. For those who are totally illiterate in Arabic, a translation with the Malayalam script of every aya was published from Kottayam.
  21. A Malayalam Quran translation named ‘Albayan Fee Ma’anil Quran’ was produced by Sayyid Ahmed Shihabuddeen Imbichikkoya Thangal(1972-1999) who was the senior Kozhikkodu qali. Ashrafi Book Stall, Thiroorangadi was the publisher.
  22. A latest attempt in this field is the translation named ‘Anwarul Quran’ published in 1999 which was authored by A Abdussalam Sullami, famous Hadees scholar and author of so many books. Word meanings, singular and plural forms, verbs and translations are all included in it.
  23. The Malayalam Quran translation in two volumes by Abdu Rahman Maqdoomi, the Thiroorangadi qali.
  24. There are also two poetic translations of Quran brought out in Malayalam. One is written by Konniyur Raghavan Nair, a native of Konni, Pathanamthitta district and is named as ‘Divya Deepthi’. He started its works in 1964. Samanwayam Books, Kozhikkodu is the publisher.
  25.  The next poetic translation of Malayalam Quran named ‘Amrutha Vani’ is written by K G Raghavan Nair, a native of Ottappalam, Palakkadu district. It was brought out by IPH.
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